Heavy Duty? Home Depot? High Definition?

Nope, Just Heather and Dana. But we do live in a 13,000 pound truck that we built with help from Home Depot, and filmed it in 4K, so we’ll roll with it.

Like many stories, ours started with a roadtrip….

A cross country roadtrip, in 2015. Dana had just received an offer to take the dream job. But the job was in California, and we were living in Vermont. Being young, and wanting to see the world, we packed up(actually, heavily overloaded) our Subaru, and hit the road.

We spent 3 weeks crossing the country. Those 3 weeks opened our eyes, giving us the tiniest taste of what existed outside of New England where we both grew up. Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana. Public Land, Bison, Alpenglow. Mountains, Desert, and Trout. We spent nearly 10 years heading to the mountains every weekend and vacation. Time spent living in apartments in many mountain towns in California, Montana, and Colorado. We got married, adopted Bruce, and built a number of adventure vehicles.

But there was always something missing. Each weekend when we packed up camp, and headed back to town we didn’t feel like we were headed home. We felt like we were leaving it.

So in 2023, we built a home on wheels grander than all of our past rigs, and moved into it. Now, we live in the places we previously only got to visit. Check out more details of Our Rig

In 2023 and 2024 we both quit our jobs. We’d saved for the past 10 years, and wanted to spend as much time immersed in the places we were visiting. Now we’re traveling, learning, exploring, and documenting everyday.


Heather hails from New Hampshire, and must meet every dog she sees. She is our Navigator, Nurse, Photographer, and Graphic Designer.


Dana grew up in Massachusetts, and has had a passion for bikes since a young age. He still eats like a teenager, with a special weakness for tacos. He is our Driver, Mechanic, and Videographer.

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