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HD Adventuring aims to inspire you to simplify your life, and get outside. HD Adventuring is the story of two New Englanders who made the trek out to the Golden Coast.  We met in college, and a few months after graduation, we decided CA was calling our names. To get here, we packed all of  our things into a single station wagon and got rid of the rest. We spent a month roadtriping all over the country  –Check out our story here-. After that month of living with only a couple of bags full of stuff, we realized that all we needed fit into that small car. We decided that we wanted to live tiny, so we purchased a camper trailer, and are converted it into a tiny house. Read all about that HERE.

Searching for adventure and the next great taco, we are documenting our journey on the left coast. Connect with us on Instagram, Or sign up for email updates from us:


Heather is nurse, skier, hiker, and dog lover. She seeks adventure around every turn, but also loves Netflix and craves Ben & Jerrys from time to time.


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Dana is a bike nerd through and through, but also loves to tinker, make, and photograph. You can find him hiking, skiing, or mountain biking most weekends. Dana is a data analyst by day, and a WordPress developer by night. He built this website, and created all the related graphics. If you’re looking for help creating a content powered website- check out his personal site.


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