We’re Moving

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So it’s official.  Heather and Dana are moving to California.  Morgan Hill to be exact. Dana took a Job at Specialized bikes, so we’re packing up the Subie, and heading west.  Everybody is telling us to make a blog. So we made a blog.  This is that blog.  Maybe you’re trying to live vicariously, maybe you really miss us, or maybe you just want to make sure we didn’t fall into the Grand Canyon. Either way, we’ll try to update this blog when we can. Maybe we’ll even continue to update it once we are there. We might be having too much fun to update it though…

We will spend ~3 weeks on the road, first seeing friends and family on the east coast, and then making our way to the left coast.

Dana is a bike nerd through and through, but also loves to tinker, make, and photograph. You can find him hiking, skiing, or mountain biking most weekends. Check out his personal site for cool data visualizations!

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