The Move!!

Where are we now?

Where do we start?

We have moved out of our apartment, and are now living full time in our tiny house trailer! There have been some mishaps and growing pains, but after a week here, we are starting to adjust.


Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 4.42.32 PM
One of our new landmates!

Where are we living?

We are living on a piece of land that we found through AirBnB. After applying to countless RV parks, and talking to many people on craigslist, this place popped up on our radar and we just had to jump on it. We couldn’t be more happy about our decision. While we have running water and electricity, we are excited to have found a place that provides a closer connection to nature. We live amongst chickens, goats, wild turkeys, and some pretty great neighbors. The owner of the property fittingly coined it as “The Homestead.” It is certainly country livin’, and there are so many great things to take pictures of!

Speaking of cool things to take pictures of, the bath house of the Homestead is pretty sweet!


How did we get here?

This is how! Sweet decals!

As all you avid readers of our blog will know, we came to California in our Subaru Outback. While we love the Outback, the towing capacity just isn’t there. Towing our tiny house trailer requires some serious power. We thought about many vehicle choices, with heavy consideration towards a sprinter van. We have always wanted to convert one of those diesel sprinter vans into an adventuremobile, but we’ll save that for another day. What we settled on: a 2006 Ford F-150. While this vehicle has rather poor fuel economy, the towing capacity and 4 wheel drive will ensure we are able to safely tow the trailer where we need to go, while we continue to use the Outback for our day-to-day needs. The truck has a cap on it, so the bed will provide a great place to spend nights when we go exploring on weekends.

The Rig!

On moving day, assisted by our wonderful friend Caitlin (visiting all the way from VERMONT!!), we left Morgan Hill and drove about 30 miles to The Homestead. Towing the trailer wasn’t too painful, but we did have one embarrassing hiccup along the way. We were happily driving down the freeway when suddenly we noticed that passing vehicles were honking and waving at us to get our attention. We quickly realized that our waste tube was dragging from behind us. The “Poop Chute,” as we affectionately call it, is a huge brown hose that is stored in the rear bumper of the trailer when not in use. When leaving the city, we hit some bumps, and we’re guessing that these bumps dislodged the end cap from the bumper, which allowed it to fall out and drag down the road. Panicked, we immediately pulled off the freeway into a gas station, and recovered the tube. It may have a couple holes in it, but it works for now, and will be easy to replace if needed. The embarrassment factor was definitely worse than the actual damage.DSC_0506

DSC_0726 2
Thanks Caitlin!

Once we made it to the The Homestead, everything went pretty smoothly. One lesson we did learn: DON’T FORGET TO CHOCK THE WHEELS BEFORE DETACHING THE HITCH. We’ll spare you the details, but we will say- thank goodness for safety chains.

We spent a lot of time in the dark!


The first week here, we didn’t have power. The space we are renting has never been used for this purpose, so the infrastructure wasn’t built yet. Living without electricity for a week makes you realize how much you rely on it! However, we still had a great time with our headlamps and candles- just like our nights of roadtripping! We had very limited 12 volt DC electricity, but without an inverter, this power is only usable to turn the lights on. Even with this, we avoided using our lights, as we also think that our batteries may be on their last legs. With 2 solar panels on the roof, we were hoping that the batteries would stay charged with minimal use, but every day we would come home to a lower voltage reading. The batteries will probably have to be replaced before the next time we unhook the trailer from shore power. With this realization, we are now scheming about redoing our solar charging system- according to some very basic calculations, 4 batteries, 4 solar panels, and the necessary inverter should allow us to live without the need for shore power! This would be a sizeable investment, but it would be so cool!

For now, we are loving our new digs, and we’ve already started on a few fun projects- a fire pit, an outdoor shower, and a vegetable garden. We hope to update you on these projects soon!

Here are a few more pictures we’ve taken over the past weeks:DSC_0493


We are now living much closer to the beach. More stunning California Sunsets!




<3 Heather & Dana



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