The Low Rider: Our Subaru Outback

A lot of thought was put into how we would make the trek across the country.  We debated shipping our stuff, renting a big U-Haul, or towing a trailer. In the end, we settled on only bringing what the Outback could carry.  This included:
The majority of our clothes
Camping gear for the week we will be spending camping in Utah.


5 Days worth of water
4 pairs of skis
3 bikes
2 Speakers
1 Ukulele


Needless to say, the car is absolutely packed.  We’ve used every cubic inch of space this vehicle has to offer, plus some. To bring all of our skis, we took the bindings off, and stacked the skis. We then strapped/duct taped the ski stack to the roof rack. To fit all our clothes, we stuffed them into vacuum bags and packed those into our roof box.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.56.41 PM


The car is riding rather low, but once we got used to driving, it is handling the weight well.


Driving through thousand of miles of corn fields, there are a LOT of bugs.


Which we clean off every chance we get.


We also have made some modifications to the car to make living out of it more comfortable. We built a small bookshelf-like area in between the seats to hold our books and water bottles.


We also have some mounts for phones and the GPS installed. On multiple occasions we have lost track of which day it is, and which time zone we are in, so we added a note to help remind us.


Finally, some stick on blind spot mirrors have proved to be extremely helpful.  With no visibility in our rear view, and very limited rear window visibility, these little things give us extra eyes.

20150527_095504 (1)


We have driven over 2,000 miles in the last few days, and the road is starting to feel like home.  We just crossed into Wyoming, and the landscape is changing fast. We will be pulling in to Utah tonight, and are very excited to spend a day outside!  Stay tuned for more.