Exploring Big Sur

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Yesterday we headed down the famous CA Route 1, into the Big Sur area. We have been in California for nearly 3 months without checking this beautiful place out, but it sure was worth the wait. 90 miles of fun, winding roads, with spectacular vistas around every turn await those who visit.



Starting in Carmel, we hopped on this historic, scenic highway that follows the jagged Northern Californian coastline. We were amazed to learn that much of this highway was built in 1932, and it hasn’t changed much since!

First, we stopped at the Big Sur Coast Gallery and Cafe.  This cool place has rooms full of beautiful art and master crafts for sale, plus has a rooftop cafe serving up great espresso and snacks.  The owner wants to retire, so it’s for sale! Anybody have $4 Million lying around?



Next, we stopped at Sand Dollar Beach, and walked as far as we could. There are some large rocks in the shallows, that make for some cool pictures.  There was even a small cave in one of them.  Maybe next time we’ll check it out.




FullSizeRender (1)



We continued driving, and stopped at numerous overlooks.  This one was particularly beautiful, as there were a handful of whales surfacing close to shore.



Gear Check.  Things we always have on our adventures:
Fjallraven Bag
Long Lens


We saw so many awesome adventuremobiles in Big Sur. Here’s one of our favorites:



Clearly, the surfers disagree with this warning sign.


On the way home, we stopped at another beach to watch the sunset. This beach had some of the biggest waves, which crashed against the big rocks and made for some awesome photography.







We were having a great time relaxing on the beach, but when we weren’t paying attention, a huge wave came and almost swept us away. Luckily the only damage was a soaking wet tapestry 🙂



After the sun ducked below the horizon, we made our way back home. Here are the last views of the ocean before hitting the road.



We can’t wait to explore this area more in the future, but this quick visit made for a great first glance at all that Big Sur has to offer. Have you ever visited Big Sur? Tell us what you loved the most in the comments, and be sure to make suggestions for what we should do next!


Dana is a bike nerd through and through, but also loves to tinker, make, and photograph. You can find him hiking, skiing, or mountain biking most weekends. Check out his personal site for cool data visualizations!

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