Door Headbanger Reupholster

We have no idea what the proper name for this thing is: (please let us know if you know the proper term for it)



But we do know that it is really UGLY!  So, we decided to reupholster it. After our bench cushions came out beautifully, we figured this would be an easy project. And it was! It took about half an hour, and NO SEWING!

Here’s how to do it:

First, uninstall the hideous old thing. Ours was held on by screws, hidden under buttons that were also wrapped with this gross fabric.

Then, choose a fabric you like.  We chose this fabric because we thought it would add a splash of color to our place, and we could use the excess to make curtain ties.

Lay the headbanger face down on top of the ugly side of fabric, and align it.



Next, fold the top bit of the fabric over the top,flat edge of the headbanger.  Use thumbtacks to secure it.




 Cut off the excess fabric, making sure to leave enough to fold it over the sides, and secure it to the back.



Work your way around the head banger, securing the fabric moderatly tightly.  Be sure not to go too tight, or else you will be able to see where the fabric is attached.  Once you get to the interior curves, you need to make small angled cuts in the fabric, so that it can go over the sides in an aesthetically pleasing fashion.  We just copied how the original manufacturer did it:




After this, attach these sections with more thumbtacks.  All is left now is to trim off the excess, install it, and see how it looks! We didn’t bother with the buttons, we just used screws with washers to reattach our headbanger.



And there you have it!  Super easy project, that adds a nice touch of color.  If you have a similar project, or know the proper term for our “headbanger” let us know in the comments!