Define Your Adventure

HD Adventuring started as a blog about our roadtrip from Vermont to California this spring.  Our friends and family wanted to keep up with our adventures, so we created a basic site and wrote a few posts along the way.  Once we got to California, writing and updating the blog took a back seat to working and getting used to our new home. Some of our friends and family are anxious to hear what we have been up to, so we have decided to start posting again. This time though, we would like our website to be more than just blog.  We want to not only share our own adventures and stories, but also inspire others to get out and live their own adventures.

The beginning of one of our grander adventures.


When we were brainstorming exactly what this website should be, we kept thinking about how we would define what exactly an adventure is. Is it a hike? A bike ride? Maybe, an adventure is only an adventure if you carry a backpack and sleep in a tent.  This didn’t seem quite right. We thought about how adventure makes us feel.  Uncertain? Excited? Energized? But no matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t pinpoint the perfect analogy for what we consider an adventure. We kept thinking that we were getting close to defining adventure, only to realize that some adventurous experiences we shared broke that definition.  Then it dawned on us. The definition of adventure is always changing. For each person, in every experience they have, adventure is different.  Some days, an adventure for Dana is going out on his favorite bike ride that he has ridden a hundred times before. Other days, this repetition feels like the exact opposite of adventure.  This ever changing nature of an adventure is what makes it so alluring to us. It’s what makes it so exciting and inspiring. If we could pinpoint it, name it, and write it down, then it might lose some of it’s magic.


So ask yourself what adventure means to you. Do you characterize an adventure by something you do? Or something you feel? For us, adventure is the anticipation of the unexpected. Knowing that something exciting could happen if we are open to it. Sometimes, adventure finds us, making an ordinary occurrence unforgettable. Other times, adventure is something we pursue and plan for.


With this blog, we strive to share, encourage, and inspire adventure. We all have the potential to experience adventure, big and small, in our lives. We challenge you to DEFINE YOUR ADVENTURE.


Share your thoughts, your experiences, and your pictures in the comments below or on Instagram with the hashtags #defineadventure and #HDadventuring.