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Exploring Big Sur

90 miles of fun, winding roads, with spectacular vistas around every turn await those who visit Big Sur, California. Our first trip to this area resulted in lots of great photos, and even better memories.
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Door Headbanger Reupholster

We have no idea what the proper name for this thing is, But we do know that it is really UGLY! So, we decided to reupholster it. Here’s How!
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No-Sew Cushion Reupholster!

we didn’t want to pay to have the old foam reupholstered professionally, but don’t know how to sew. Here’s how to reupholster cushions without sewing!
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The Starting Point: Our 2010 Surveyor Travel Trailer

Once we decided that we wanted to remodel a travel trailer, we got to work looking at RV dealers and on Craigslist.  We started looking at travel trailers that needed A LOT of work. Pretty much aluminum shells, that would require
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Quick Adventure: Sunset MTB Ride

Tonight we went for a quick mountain bike ride in Rancho Canada Del Oro open space.  We got to the trailhead around 6:30, and took a quick jaunt up and around the canyon.  There is a lot of climbing!
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DIY Speaker Rebuild

A while back I was perusing the local Goodwill store, and came across two large, old Boston Acoustic speakers. They are T1000 series II. Serial numbers 000012 and 000013.   They were $5.00 each, so I wrestled them into my cart,
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The Last Leg

As we mentioned in our last post, we spent the last leg of our journey in Stanley Idaho, visiting Tanner.  The first day we went rafting, and then Tanner took us on a short tour around Stanley. It is very small,
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For the past 6 days we’ve been in the Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks area in Wyoming. We got a great campsite near both parks, with views of the Tetons and a horse ranch next door. There is no lack
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Things Change…

Moab was incredible. But the desert is hot. Way too hot. So we’ve ditched our itinerary, and shipped up to Wyoming for some good ‘ol fashion rain and cold (We must be missing New England).   Our last night in Moab Monday
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We made it to Utah!  After a few long days of driving, We arrived in Park City on Wednesday, and spent 2 nights there before heading to Moab. The drive from Nebraska to Utah was very exciting, as we passed though
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The Low Rider: Our Subaru Outback

A lot of thought was put into how we would make the trek across the country.  We debated shipping our stuff, renting a big U-Haul, or towing a trailer. In the end, we settled on only bringing what the Outback could
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On The Road!

After visiting Heather’s parents, we headed to Dana’s parents.  We spent a few days there, and had lots of fun.  On Thursday, we went to a Red Sox game. They lost, but it was a beautiful night, and we were glad
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Last Days in Burlington

We packed a lot into the las few days we spent in Burlington. Besides selling/donating the majority of our belongings, we also were able to have a great going away party, ride bikes, and hike mountains. On Saturday, many of our
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We’re Moving

So it’s official.  Heather and Dana are moving to California.  Morgan Hill to be exact. Dana took a Job at Specialized bikes, so we’re packing up the Subie, and heading west.  Everybody is telling us to make a blog. So we
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HD Adventuring is the story of two New Englanders who made the trek out to the Golden Coast.  We met in college, and a few months after graduation, we decided CA was calling our names. To get here, we packed all of  our things into a single station wagon and got rid of the rest. We spent a month roadtriping all over the country  –Check out our story here-. After that month of living with only a couple of bags full of stuff, we realized that all we needed fit into that small car. We decided that we wanted to live tiny, so we purchased a camper, and are converting it into a tiny house. Read all about that HERE.
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