Death Valley In February

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We’ve got a long list of amazing things to see in California, and recently checked off a major adventure; Death Valley. We made the trip down over President’s day, which, as it turns out, is the busiest weekend of the year.  We’ve been to some of the more popular National Parks in peak season, and wouldn’t recommend it. But Death Valley is so large in area, and still relatively unpopular, that we were still able to find plenty of seclusion and adventure. It didn’t feel overcrowded, and the weather was amazing.  Highly recommended. Instead of writing about our experience, I’ll just share some photos. Enjoy.


Desert or Mountains?


Desert it is.


Sierra’s on the left, sand on the right.


Looking back after crossing the Southern Sierra range.


Chasing the sun.


Arriving just in time for the show.


But first…. Lemme take a selfie


The falling sun set the valley ablaze.


Important first stop


Even more important


No campfires? No problem.


Great thing about Death Valley: Drive a mile down any dirt road(outside of main valley) and you can pitch a tent, FREE!


First night was rather Dewy


Coffee was ground.


Our trusty steeds didn’t disappoint.


Death Valley only achieved National Park status in 1994, and there are lots of human artifacts from before this time.


Death Valley has many miles of canyons to explore. Keep an eye on the sky during the winter.


The canyon walls were painted gold


Badwater Basin. Lowest elevation in North America.


Ok, now pretend you like eachother…


The colors in the hills were amazing.


We took the Subaru on this trip, but seeing vintage vans made us miss Connie.


Canyon -> Ridge


To Canyon


Slot Canyon frames the shot.


Two of my favorite things; Beers and Maps


Sun goes down on day two.


Proper oral hygiene, folks.


Desert oasis


Water was flowing in Death Valley.


Honestly, not staged.


Our final morning in Death Valley treated us to moody skies.


We hate Death Valley. Don’t go there.



One last coffee before the long ride home.


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