The Move!!

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Where are we now? Where do we start? We have moved out of our apartment, and are now living full time in our tiny house trailer! There have been some mishaps and growing pains, but after a week here, we … Continued

Travel Trailer ->Tiny House

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It’s been a long time in the works, but finally our camper trailer to tiny house conversion is nearing completion. We detail what we did to the place, and how it turned out. Getting excited to move in!

Door Headbanger Reupholster

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We have no idea what the proper name for this thing is, But we do know that it is really UGLY! So, we decided to reupholster it. Here’s How!

No-Sew Cushion Reupholster!

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we didn’t want to pay to have the old foam reupholstered professionally, but don’t know how to sew. Here’s how to reupholster cushions without sewing!

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