Zen And The Art of Tiny House Maintenance

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After recently listening to Robert Pirsig’s Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, I was struck by how Heather and I have experienced many of the phenomena that the book details. Beyond providing an intriguing adventure, the book hit a … Continued

Homestead, We Have Internet

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Homestead, We Have Internet   We’ve been living at “The Homestead” for two months now. We love where we live, and are completely enjoying the fact that we are roughin’ it in the country. We love taking outdoor showers, tending … Continued

How to Turn an RV into a Tiny House

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Once we decided we wanted to move into a tiny house, we realized how many options there are to achieve this goal. We weighed many of these options, but eventually settled on converting a travel trailer camper into a tiny house. Take a look at how it turned out! We did this because the basic infrastructure is already existing, and trailers are relatively affordable.

Our Digs: Homestead Improvements

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In our first few weeks on “The Homestead” as the land we currently live on is affectionately known, we have made some small improvements. Read about our garden, our fire pit, and our outdoor shower.

The Move!!

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Where are we now? Where do we start? We have moved out of our apartment, and are now living full time in our tiny house trailer! There have been some mishaps and growing pains, but after a week here, we … Continued

Travel Trailer ->Tiny House

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It’s been a long time in the works, but finally our camper trailer to tiny house conversion is nearing completion. We detail what we did to the place, and how it turned out. Getting excited to move in!

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