Joining Vanlife

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If you’re following us on Instagram(You are following us on Instagram, right?) you’ll know that we recently purchased and converted an old Ford cargo van into an adventuremobile. That’s right, we’re jumping into this whole van life thing (#Vanlife.) If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you should go do that right now. And then come back and read the rest of this post.

How to Paint RV Walls

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When we first bought our Travel Trailer, we had no idea how to repaint the walls. All we knew was that we wanted that hideous color and vinyl decals GONE. We knew that a fresh coat of paint and our … Continued

Sawtooth Ski Reunion

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I awoke, or rather rose from bed, after 4 hours of attempting to sleep, at 3:30 AM to start the journey. I was too excited to sleep, because I knew in a few short hours I’d be skiing untracked snow, … Continued

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