DIY Speaker Rebuild

A while back I was perusing the local Goodwill store, and came across two large, old Boston Acoustic speakers. They are T1000 series II. Serial numbers 000012 and 000013.   They were $5.00 each, so I wrestled them into my cart, which now was dangerously top heavy, and brought them to the register. At $5.00 each for large BA speakers, I didn’t have much hope for them, so I asked the employee at the register what the chances of the speakers working were.  He replied, “100%, we test them all.”  I handed him my credit card, wrestled them out the door, and into my car.

After lugging one up the stairs and into my apartment, my roommate pulled off the cover of the speaker, and found that the foam around the speakers was torn to bits. The center caps were all punched in. I sighed, and immediately brought the speaker back down the stairs and into my car. $10.00 for a pair of huge, high quality speakers was too good to be true.


After telling another friend about my goof(why didn’t I pull off the cover at Goodwill?)  He informed me that I might be able to rebuild the speakers.  I went online, and found Simply Speakers, an online store dedicated to building and rebuilding speakers.  I searched for my speaker model, and they had a rebuild kit.  A week later, I had a refoam kit.

The first step was to take off the covers, and pull out the speakers from the housing:


Then, I pulled off all of the foam.  At this point, It basically disintegrates:


Then, I used nail polish remover to get all of the glue and foam off the cone:


After the cone is cleaned, I cut off the cap:



Then, I used the included shims to properly space the driver.  This is necessary so the middle of the driver doesn’t rub against the sides.


Then, it was time to glue the new foam on to the cone.  I made sure to let it cure for a few minutes first.DSC_0041

Next, I glued the foam to the outer ring of the speaker frame.


After the glue dried on the foam, I glued the caps back on.



Now it is time to re install the speakers into the cabinets.


The Finished Product:DSC_0058

After letting the glue cure for 24 hours, I hooked the speakers up to my amp. They sound AMAZING!  They are 25 years old, but sound just as good as they did when they were new. Warm, and powerful, these are the nicest speakers I have ever owned. For a total of about $50.00, (10 for speakers, and 40 for refoam kit), I now own a set of absolutely incredible speakers.