Temporarily Transitioning Away From Tiny

The day we moved out of the trailer we had lived in for over a year was bittersweet. Gathering our things, and buttoning up the trailer was a tough day.  We truly enjoyed our time spent on the homestead that we called home, and the departure wasn't completely by choice. We actually planned to live in the box for more than just a year. We planned to take it with us ...

Death Valley In February

We've got a long list of amazing things to see in California, and recently checked off a major adventure; Death Valley. We made the trip down over President's day, which, as it turns out, is the busiest weekend of the year.  We've been to some of the more popular National Parks in peak season, and wouldn't recommend it. But Death Valley is so large in area, and still relatively unpopular, ...

Joining Vanlife

If you’re following us on Instagram(You are following us on Instagram, right?) you’ll know that we recently purchased and converted an old Ford cargo van into an adventuremobile. That’s right, we’re jumping into this whole van life thing (#Vanlife.) If you don’t follow us on Instagram, you should go do that right now. And then come back and read the rest of this post ...

Leave It Better. A New Year’s Resolution and a Challenge

Note: We’ve been working on this post for a little while, and realized this was our New Year's Resolution, so we should share it sooner rather than later. Happy New Year!   Leave It Better On a recent road trip, outside of Bend, OR, we were dismayed at what we found. A campsite FULL of trash. Not just a couple beer cans, but lots and lots of trash. Like someone had lived there for a ...

How We Camp For Free

    One of the questions we are asked most frequently is where we sleep while traveling.   Possibly the most expensive parts of traveling and road tripping is the cost of finding a place to camp, and we have saved a ton of money by camping or car camping for free. Out of all the nights we’ve spent on the road, we have paid for only a handful of them. Though we appreciate the ...

Sobranes Fire: Destruction Today, Rebirth Tomorrow?

  "You don't know what you've got till it's gone" or so the song goes. The folks at the farmer's market seemed down. Maybe it was just the hazy, smoky, gray sky lighting the scene that made it feel glum, or maybe it was the collective loss felt by local residents. Trying to enjoy this weekly celebration of life, in the shadow of a life-sucking wildfire burning just a few miles south felt ...

Thoreau’s Simplicity Meets the 21st Century

I have always felt a connection to Henry David Thoreau.  Growing up just 8 miles from Walden Pond, I loved riding my bike to the location of Thoreau's experiment in simplicity. We would walk our bikes down the steep grade to the pond, and go for a swim in the ice cold glacial water, or fish from the shore.  After visiting the pond, we would continue on to Concord Center, ...

Environmental Despair? 10 Things YOU can do.

While many in the United States are fussing over which Presidential Candidate has the best economic policy, how to keep guns out of the hands of lunatics, and how Donald Trump keeps his hair looking so great, I have been fussing over an issue which I deem equally, if not more important: the Environment. While I certainly believe that everyone should have the right to love who they want, have ...

On Growing Up

    Dana and I are constantly scheming about our “Next Big Adventure.” We discuss selling our tiny home, and spending a year driving through South America. We flirt with the idea of quitting our “real” jobs and becoming ski bums or bartenders, or hiking thousands of miles on the PCT. Dana daydreams about traversing the country on his bike, while I look at Westfalias the way many 24-year-old girls look at ...

Two Paths Diverged, I Took the Untravelled

I pushed the shifter once more, hoping that suddenly another, lower gear would magically appear on my cassette. The pedals suddenly became lighter, and my feet pushed the cranks another half turn with ease. I wondered if my silent, sweaty prayers to the climbing gods had been answered. Had the EPO finally kicked in? Had the earth’s axis shifted? Then I quickly realized that my attempted downshift with no more ...

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